Crusader Kings III: Console Reviews

4th April 2022

We're passionate about bringing beloved games to new audiences, especially when it comes to creating great ports. We recently brought one of the most beloved grand strategy games of all time, Crusader Kings III, to console.

Since its release on the 29th of March, the positive reviews have been rolling in! See what industry experts have to say about our most royal port yet.

The Gamer (4.5/5)

Lab42s’s efforts have resulted in something truly impressive. Navigating menus feels as natural as in any other console game, radial menus are put to great use, and the UI makes excellent use of space to convey all the vital information you need. 

Ryan Thomas Bamsey


Nevertheless, I feel the pull. This is a historical simulation with a lot of charm, and with the aid of the AI, and a bit of perseverance, it's a surprisingly breezy way to while away an evening or afternoon.

Robert Purchese

The Loadout (8/10)

If you’re willing to broaden your horizons and challenge yourself in terms of what you can enjoy on an Xbox or Playstation – along with a healthy appreciation for mediaeval drama – then Crusaders Kings III is well worth checking out.

Joe Robinson

PlayStation Universe (9/10)

There is absolutely nothing like Crusader Kings III on console. By including such deeply embedded and emergent role-playing elements in Crusader Kings III and thus making it much more approachable than any of its more decidedly hardcore strategy predecessors as a result, Paradox have also created something of a gateway to bring traditionally non-strategy fans into the genre at large. Oh and it's basically a Game of Thrones simulator to boot. Which is nice

John-Paul Jones

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