Marc Espinola Berestein speaks at GDC 2024

2nd May 2024 Culture

You can now listen to a talk by Lab42 Lead Animator, Marc Espinola Berestein, delivered at leading games industry event, GDC 2024.  

GDC is one of the biggest games development conferences in the world, attracting more than 28000 game devs to attend in person. We’re extremely proud to share that one of our own Lead Animators, Marc Espinola Berestein, was selected to speak at the prestigious event.  

Marc is a great example of the many diverse routes into a rewarding career in the games industry, having previously gained a Business degree in Spain and a degree in Cinema in Argentina, prior to joining Lab42 in 2019. Thanks to his impressive combination of both technical skills and people skills, he quickly progressed into a lead role. As well as working on mobile games and AAA releases, Marc forms part of our excellent team of Line Managers who strive to help their teams grow, progress and feel included. 

In his talk 'Surviving Your First Steps into the Management Journey,’ Marc shares his experiences of being a new manager and his secrets to keeping the process as stress-free as possible.  You can now stream Marc’s talk here.